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Our Mission is to stop suffering, make this world a happy place and inspire others to continually work towards their true potential. 

Meet Peter

My mission is to inspire others to continually work towards their true potential and to live a life of success and fulfillment. I work with my clients to understand their goals. I create a plan for them to experience real results and make their dream a reality. I support business owners and executives in achieving success in their company. 

as well I provide transformational results for individuals and businesses through a combination of one-on-one coaching, mentorship and educational experiences.

I have the extreme privilege to empower my clients for them to become the business owner they were meant to be and to take their business to the next level. 

peter O

I help business owners worldwide to understand the critical factors that impact their business  by supporting them to refocus and realign with the strategies and psychology needed for competing and innovating in any economy.

My ability is to differentiate between what a person’s wants and needs as well as helping them overcome what’s holding them back.

My personal philosophy is that anyone can empower themselves to live the life they desire — both personally and professionally. You can manifest anything you want as long asyou are in the right state of mind. 

 I believe that great coaching and business training can close the gap between an ordinary life and an extraordinary one filled with massive success.


My Story


My mother has Parkinson’s disease. In the last 5 years I have witnessed how illness can change the person you love, every day the person slowly disappears. You are not even aware that this has a strong effect on you and especially on your family, children, wife, business.

At the same time, you think you have reached the top in the business you are in the comfort zone. you don’t grow. You forget what your goals are and what you were. you started to drink alcohol because when you drink for at least a few minutes or hours you change states.

When you wake up it hits You even harder and so you reach for alcohol again.

You don’t realize that you have lost a wife and that you are slowly losing children. you don’t care what’s going on in the business and you fall to the bottom. The death of your father suddenly and the illness of your mother break you. Despite being ok on the outside, you are not.  


 At the same time, you experience the divorce.  The person that you loved the most in the world and trusted completely trust her, take over your business with people you have created and grown your business.

 You don’t have business nor money, you are broke.

 The people are around you, all consider you an incompetent person who knows nothing, has no experience, but deep down you know what you are and what you can do to be superior.

 You are basically a top fighter plane from which they have picked up all the equipment. weapon computers and throw it into the desert.  They forgot that they can bend me, but they can’t break me, only I can break myself. You realize that all is your fault and nobody else is guilty for it, it’s your own fault

I regenerate again, I return to the foundations. I recite the existing state and return to state 0. I restore everything I did before and begin to slowly build myself personally and business-wise. I start doing from 0 again like I already did and I do everything myself but now with 25 years of business experience. I start regenerating my damaged body and soul again. I combine a sport that has even been my guide in my life when I get professional in it. I practiced martial arts and I had a master who guided me in my sports as well as personally. I didn’t have a master’s degree at the moment, but I had to go back to the basics of who I am, what I want and what I can’t, but what I’m going to do.

 I stopped drinking alcohol and started training in the beginning. I could only walk the route I used to run, changed my eating habits, started meditating and I significantly withdrew from the people around me and saw only benefit in me. I devoted myself to Taja and Kimi my daughters andlooked for reasons why yes and why no. I said yes to everything unless it would hurt others or myself.

 It took me almost 2 years to build the foundations on which to build on, but it still pulls me into the old life. I don’t think about alcohol. I don’t drink it, I think nervously as if i don’t see the goal. Then I just wonder who I will become again?

The friends who surrounded me are gone. I have contact with friends from my childhood and friends when I was at the beginning of my business journey and had nothing, but I had perseverance and diligence.


 A year ago, a wonderful person, Martina, came into my life. She became Robbins-Madanes certified life coach. She showed me a whole new world and a new perspective because everything I did in business I did as a dinosaur. 

 She was ready to leave a very successful career in show jumping sport- horses equestrian sport. There she was superior as a horse trainer. One of her horses she trained won an Olympic gold medal in Tokyo.

 I accepted the fact that my mom was sick and that I was grateful for every minute I was with her. I had to process the death and loss of my father. And how to be a good father, give love and my energy and  build an environment where daughters feel safe.  Above all, I transformed into a good partner for the person who means the most to me, I am still working on it to become better and better. For the last 2 years, I have spent 11 days every summer as a volunteer with children at sea in a camp for children from aggressive families. This year there were 250 children and there is nothing more beautiful in life when you see smiling children who can live at least 11 days as they should, and you are a pebble in the mosaic that contributes to this.


Martina was a person who showed me her course and so I came across Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Bob Proctor and I finally found masters from whom I could learn and grow and whom I had been looking for so long.   I am very grateful for that.

i made a decision and I enrolled to Robbins-Madanes Training for becoming a coach and as well i enrolled to Bob Proctor Gallagher Institute and became Proctor’s Gallagher Consult. So here is where my path as a transformational business coach began.

I want to help and pass on my experience and above all my energy. If I can beautify someone for at least 1 minute it will be an immeasurable success for me. 

I am so grateful that I learned How to say alcohol NO, in the way that you don’t see it as a loss but as a contribution to your life. How to properly start the regeneration of body and soul through sports, food and meditation. And how you build a daily plan that don’t go after it as I have to but i want to. How can you live with little money and start to build a business at the same time. and how easy business is when you realize you’re doing something because someone definitely needs you and your service and you can help them and at the same time you recharge your batteries when you see that you have made them happy.


Meet Martina

My personal mission is to stop suffering and make this world a happy place, starting with my clients. I strongly believe that there is a way to break through and reach the next level. I bring complete passion and love for what I do into the lives of my clients so they can understand what they really want, how to get it and create lives that they love. I do this by empowering my clients, helping them to recognize their strengths so that they can create massive fulfilment in their lives.

My clients gain enormous clarity and insights into who they are, as well as how they show up in the world so they can become the person they truly want to be. The healthy mind is the key to your success.

Even a great strategy doesn’t matter without the right mindset for being able to implement it. my questions are for you are very simple:

What if you could take control over your mind and being able to change your focus on living your life at the next level?

What if you would take a chance to learn all the tools to reprogram the way you think?

What if you could develop your mindset so positive, so powerful that you could design a life in the way that brings fulfillment, joy and passion to yourself, those you love and all others around you?

What would that mean for you and your life?

How would that change your life for better?

My commitment is serving people at the highest level:

by encouraging clarity surrounding limiting beliefs so that my clients can confidently create space to live out their definition of happiness.

– by discover their own life-changing potential so they can be their own heroes, I help people find the solution that best meets their personal development needs and goals.

– by challenging my clients to step up and get out of their comfort zones I help them experience growth while feeling supported, loved and cared for each step of the way

by helping my clients be the best versions of themselves theyare creating growth and getting results

by helping people achieve the quality of life they want and deserve with exploring the science of achievement and the art of fulfillmentyet these aren’t taught in school my clients can discover how to gain unshakable certainty

by helping my clients discover what’s holding them back from taking actions in their lives. With tools and strategies, I help clients achieve what they don’t think is possible by showing them how to break patterns, thoughts and behaviors that are preventing them from reaching the next level

by helping people achieve the quality of life they want and deserve my clients are able to perform at their peak to feel fulfilled, passionate, and energized. By experiencing as many breakthroughs as possible, clients can crush limiting beliefs that hold them back and get clarity on what they really want. 

by helping people love themselves more who feel stuck find more happiness, freedom, joy and confidence and guide themto be the hero in their own lives, find the love, success, and fulfillment they crave so they can live the lives they dream about.

with supporting my clients by showing them how to take ownership of their emotions, create more energy, get clarity on what really matters and build new highways to happiness and fulfillment my clients can raise their standards and close the gap between where they are and where they want to be

with supporting my clients to get clear on who they are and what they want to create, they identify limiting beliefs and break down negative patterns, so they reach their fullest potential and they are creating safe spaces where they are free to think and unleash their inner gifts

Together we will focus on your desired outcomes and shine light on the limiting beliefs and behavior patterns that are currently getting in your way, because I have an unshakable belief that every person can achieve their goals once they make a decision that there is no plan B. I want my clients to trust themselves and not let fears or limitations get in the way of their true potential. 

Let us make together the ultimate vision of yourself a realityand change from what it seems to be impossible for you to possible.

My Story

I have been an athlete working in equestrian sport with show jumping horses all over Europe and the World with some of the best show jumping riders, trainers, teams and jumping horses in the world for more than two decades. Even being a part of many great achievements as member of some very successful teams in this Olympic sport I didn’t feel whole and fulfilled. there was something missing, and I felt empty. All these years there was my inner voice trying to tell me something, but I was persistently shutting that inner voice down over and over and ignoring it by pretending that I am happy until the early unexpected loss of my father. That moment changed my life forever. I was sad, I was angry, I felt lost and immeasurable grief entered my life. I felt stuck, overwhelmed, and tired at my career, missing out time with my family while I was traveling around all the different countries almost every week from one show competition to the next one. I have discovered that all that emptiness and lack of satisfaction I was facing comes actually out from the very difficult childhood I had. The unhealthy relationship between my mother and father, and all their destructive, negative, limiting beliefs about themselves, others, everything around them, and life itself, had broken me. I had embodied all of that negativity into my mental framework – into my persona. 

I couldn’t ignore anymore that feeling very strong deep inside of me that there is something missing in my life and that there is something more, meaningful and greater I could do formyself, others around me and the world.

Personally, my life changed the day I made the decision thatenough is enough and that something needs to change. I committed to change and to find a way to do so, and I have never looked back. I knew I was on the right path.

The desire to take my life to the next level and to live fully, passionately, and thrive every day of my life is what led me to discover Tony Robbins. I first heard of Tony Robbins in my 30’s and Tony became my first mentor out of college, after reading his book Awaken the Giant Within. I loved that book from the very first page. I was introduced to a more compelling and fulfilling way to be in the world through his work. After that, I started watching and listening to anything I could find about Tony. I felt an alignment with him that was mind-blowing, and I knew that I had found my place for growth and contribution. I have leaned on Tony to help my mindset during the toughest times in my life. I decided to become a RMT life coach in 2018 when I enrolled to Robbins -Madanes study program training for becoming a life coach. Through RMT I was able to discover what makes us human beings behave the way we do? Why we do what we do? What drives us? I discovered a gift of coaching, and it became my mission to share everything I’ve learned along my own personal development journey with the world. From there, I participated in the Tony Robbins Comeback Challenge, New world New you Challenge, attended tony Robbins powerful event Unleash the Power Within and made my dream of becoming a coach come true! I love Tony’s mission to end suffering and the amazing tools and strategies he has createdtogether with Cloe Madanes and the rest of Robbins-Madanes Team. It is my privilege to get to use them to help people lead happier lives and so they can take back control of their lives. There is no better feeling than to see people grow and watch them give back to the world. I bring kindness, compassion, fun and joy to my clients. I believe nothing is impossible once you focus on what it is that you really want and why you want it! my passion is helping people achieve their personal and professional goals by showing them how to bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. I love celebrating the breakthroughs and wins of my clients knowing that I was able to contribute to their success and fulfillment in life. 

Dear Me, I Love You

dear me i love you


This book is for the woman that looks in the mirror and no longer sees the happy, bubbly person she used to be. This is for the woman struggling to come to terms with the demise of a romantic relationship. This is for the woman who feels like she works too hard and has no time for what she truly enjoys anymore.


To put it simply, you are going to learn how to love yourself again. You will be able to embrace positive changes in your life and feel worthy of the destiny that lays before you. No longer will you have this incessant feeling that you are undeserving of better – a better life, better partners, and better friends. You will feel like the radiant Queen that you are, being true to yourself and accepting nothing less than what you deserve. Being true to yourself means being true to your feelings and emotions, as well honoring what is best for you, and that will not only bring marvelous, extraordinary changes into your life but as well as the lives of those you care about most, and in general to the world around you…

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!